Sunday, June 25, 2006

China Adoption Packing List (Besides the Obvious!)

  1. Vix Vapor Rub for congested baby
  2. Pedialyte (individualized powdered servings) - this comes in very handy if you have a sick baby who is dehydrated. You can't purchase in China. Another option is "Liquidlyte" which can found online through Walgreens. Now I hear they make pediatric electrolyte strips at Walgreens.
  3. Prune baby food and/or Children's senokot
  4. Bottle Nipples (qty. 3 is good) Some people say not to bother with the slow release nipple but we will be taking one just in case!
  5. Aveeno or Oatmeal Baby Bath - some babies may have dry skin. This will help. Steer clear of lavender as they may be allergic.
  6. Pacifiers - some babies have been exposed to pacifiers. This might be a nice comfort item to have "just in case".
  7. Bottles; Playtex 8 oz. with liners (3 bottles and a pack of 150 liners)
  8. Lotsa baby wipes - bring more than you think.
  9. Gerber Puffs or Cheerios/Goldfish crackers and teething biscuits- you can't find them in China.
  10. Diapers - some people feel the quality of diapers in China isn't very good...about 1/3 as thick as American diapers. If anything...use American diapers for the plane trip home and nights.
  11. Gallon size ziplock baggies - get heavy duty ones. These are very handy to put dirty diapers in when you can't find a trashcan and the heavy duty ones help eliminate the odor.
  12. Antibiotics for baby - if you're able to have a pediatrician prescribe some, this is very nice to have "just in case". The drugs in China aren't very strong.
  13. Baby Motrin- ask you pediatrician for sample sizes
  14. Lice Shampoo just in case
  15. Infant saline nose drops and a nasal bulb
  16. Diaper cream - Lotrimin AF
  17. A Good Baby Thermometer - don't rely on one of the cheap ones found in the baby kits.
  18. Deep Conditioning Hair Conditioner - I guess their water is really hard...
  19. Small Sized Baby clothes - some people say to bring clothes smaller than you think you'll need. The babies I have seen lately have been between 13 and 20 lbs. Unless the child is over one year old.
  20. Ponytail holders - for the new mommy -bring LOTS if you have long hair.
  21. Toys - only bring a couple. Stacking Cups and inflatable beach balls are great.
  22. Adult Cold Medicine
  23. Cyporal antibiotic - have your doctor prescribe this for you before you go - it helps with stomach and diarrhea issues as you'll be exposed to many different kinds of foods and new bacterias.
  24. Immodium...nuff said...
  25. Mild Sleeping Pill of some sort- or Tylenol PM or Melatonin- this can help with being able to sleep on the long flight when you are too excited to do so naturally...
  26. Baby Teething Gel or tabs- I have seen many teething babies! One less pain to cry about!
  27. Disposable Bibs - Throw those suckers away instead of washing. And less stuff when you travel home.
  28. Photo Album for baby - So she can see the faces of family not in China
  29. Plastic Grocery bags -for disposing of dirty diapers and such.
  30. Travel Clock- someone said there are no clocks in the hotel rooms- you could use the one on your cell phone
  31. International Electric Plug adaptor....
  32. Samples of shampoo, conditioner, bath soap, etc -so you don't have to bring back the half-empty bottles.
  33. DVDs to play on the laptop to pass the time
  34. Collapsable Umbrella
  35. Uncirculated Bills from the Bank. The Chinese are picky! Might have to order these ahead of time.
  36. Money carrier that straps to body (We're carrying $6000-$10,000 people! Holy Crap!)
  37. Baby Carrier- I had a Mei Tai Carrier made. It's lovely!
  38. Fitted Crib Sheet for crib in room?
  39. Sunscreen (during summer months)
  40. Lotus Travel's Panda Phone (if needed - This one was preferred over JC Travel's by someone who has travelled) or skype on your laptop
  41. Small Calculator - to convert money may have this on your cell phone
  42. Small Pocket Notebook - to take notes from orphanage director, guide, reference notes on pictures/videos, phone numbers/emails of people you meet, etc.
  43. Backpack -for use while sight seeing.
  44. Handi-Wipes - for washing hands after the bathroom, babies hands after eating, etc.
  45. Travel Toilet Paper - for after squattie potties - keep in backpack!
  46. Baby First Aid Kit - make sure it includes nail clippers
  47. Disposable baby spoons - disposable so you don't wash with their water
  48. Rice Cereal and Formula for baby- only a little formula to get you by if needed. You can buy formula in China.
  49. Pepto Bismol chew tablets
  50. Hydrocortisone Cream for rashes
  51. Mini flashlight for night time when you don't want baby to wake up!
  52. IPod for entertainment on flight! put in laptop bag.

Save space - fill your bottles with cheerios or other stuff to save space!